Former State Secretary Ingvil Smines Tybring‐Gjedde at the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, is CEO of a new GCE NODE participant.

Air Products and Engineering Systems were pleased to be part of the joint GCE NODE stand at OTC.

“OTC is an important arena, where we also get the opportunity to discuss with the business facilitators from our region. On the Air Products stand we have had visitors from the regional mayor’s offices, the state secretary and important customers, EPCs and shipyards. This enables us to showcase our technology and our approach to new markets to a wide specter of politicians and customers,” says Hallgeir Angel, Sales Manager at Air Products.

“Being a part of the joint NODE stand enables a plug-and-play approach for us, saving valuable up-front preparation time. We had the pleasurable experience of finding the stand, opening our laptops, and we were up and running. We couldn’t be happier with the efforts from NODE,” says Angel.

Øystein Sannarnes, CEO of Engineering Systems, says being part of the GCE NODE stand in the Norwegian pavilion provided ‘the right attention’.

“The stand generated lots of positive activities and opportunities to engage with both regional officials, other NODE participants and prospective clients in the US. We were showcasing what we do for Cameron in Kristiansand, and that we take great advantage of the Innovation Norway’s funding scheme for innovative software,” says Sannarnæs.

“In short, we are helping the oil and gas industry to innovate their processes with software. We achieve that by renewing our software to be even more focused on digital work processes. I believe other industries also has a lot to learn about the cluster approach such as the one we have in Agder. It is growing cluster, with more than 100 participants. We are indeed very satisfied with the outcome of the OTC week,” says Sannarnæs.

Øystein Sannarnæs, CEO of Engineering Systems, gives a presentation at OTC 2018.