Tom Cantero, CEO at Air Products, being interviewed when the company was named Agder company of the year in 2014.

NODE company Air Products is nominated for The ONS Innovation Award for developing the CO2 Capture By Membrane Technology.

The Innovation Award Ceremony is held at the plenary session at ONS in Stavanger on Tuesday August 30.

The jury, which nominates five candidates for the award, says this about Air Products:

“Air Products is an engineering and manufacturing company, specialized in membrane processing systems for the marine, oil & gas and land based petrochemical applications. Air Products was founded in 1970, and was the first company worldwide to utilize membrane technology onboard marine vessels and oil & gas platforms for production of inert gas/nitrogen.

Air Products main vision is to avoid environmental disasters related to fire and explosions onboard vessels, oil & gas installation offshore and land based petrochemical industries. In that area, Air Products is a worldwide marked leader. Moving in the direction of CO2 capture with the membrane technology is therefore in line with the company environment protection history.

Air Product has since 1993 had a close relationship with NTNU-Trondheim. Over the years, Air Products has developed, together with NTNU, membrane technology for CO2 separation. The membrane CO2 separation is based upon the same proven technology as for air/gas separation. In June 2015 Air Products AS & NTNU received fundings from CLIMIT/GASSNOVA for MemCCC (Membranes for CO2 Capture at Cement Industries). This project takes place at NORCEM cement factory in Brevik. The membrane technology will be tested during 2016, and results will be published by end 2016. The Membrane Test Unit delivered by Air Products AS is now under testing at NORCEM-Brevik site.

The development of membranes for CO2 capture at the cement industry, coal fired power stations and similar for land based, ships and offshore industry is a major innovation step in close corporation with established research centers in Norway. By this Air Products, with the membrane technology, is leading the process to solve the environmental problems related to productions from the cement factories and other land based industries, marine, oil & gas with heavy CO2 pollution.”

About The ONS Innovation Awards
Through the Innovation Awards ONS recognizes the crucial importance of cutting-edge products and solutions. The awards reflect a long-standing commitment to presenting and promoting innovative ideas to the international oil, gas and energy industry. The Innovation Award was first presented in 1982, and today companies compete in two categories, one for large companies and one for small and medium-sized enterprises.