Green shipping and carbon capture is on the agenda when Air Products meets US Department of Energy in Oslo next week.

Air Products Norway CEO Tom Cantero revealed plans for carbon capture at a regional oil conference in Kristiansand last week. 

– We are invited to present our products for environmentally friendly shipping and our progress in the field of carbon capture, says Air Products CEO Tom Cantero.

The meeting with the US officials is hosted by the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy as part of a bilateral cooperation on carbon capture and storage.

Just last week, Air Products Norway revealed that the company’s world-leading membrane technology will be tested at a facility in Brevik, Norway, to document how a modified version of the membrane can separate CO2 from exhaust gases. Air Products Norway was not involved in the first phase of testing at the facility, but will be part of the second phase, subject to funding from Gassnova.

– We will inform the US Department of Energy how a coated version of our existing membrane may help solve a global problem, says Cantero.

He credits NODE CEO Anne-Grete Ellingsen for the opportunity to market the company for the US Department. Ellingsen talked about Air Products at a meeting with the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy last week. The Ministry showed immediate interest, and within 48 hours, the meeting between Air Products and the Americans was set up.

– This is an excellent example of how a cluster adds value to its members, says Cantero.