Marit Dolmen is RD&I Manager at GCE NODE

GCE NODE has been awarded MNOK 1 from Innovasjonsrammen. Apply by October 15 for funds for innovation projects.

Innovasjonsrammen (Innovation Framework) is intended to trigger good projects that are otherwise difficult to get started, and to contribute to speeding up cooperation.

The funds are to be used for joint research, development and innovation projects in which at least one of the participants is member of GCE NODE.

”We want to mobilize as many joint projects as possible. These should be projects which at a later stage can apply for more funds from the ordinary funding agencies, such as the The Research Council of Norway, Innovation Norway and the European Union”, says RD&I Manager Marit Dolmen at GCE NODE.

Apply for a maximum of NOK 100,000 in support of a mobilization project and a maximum of NOK 250,000 for idea and project development in areas that represents new technology (konseptualiseringsprosjekt). Projects with a green profile will have priority.

An application should be submitted to Marit Dolmen no later than October 15. Please feel free to contact GCE NODE to discuss projects, applications or other issues: Marit Dolmen, phone: 979 76 030, e-mail:

Template for project application with useful information (Norwegian)