Companies and research institutions that aim to establish bilateral international RD&I collaboration, may apply for support for travel expenditures.

Applications should be submitted to The Research Council of Norway, which has MNOK 2 for this purpose.

Norway has eight prioritized partner countries outside of EU and the EEA area: Brazil, Canada, India, Japan, China, Russia, South Africa and USA. Bilateral cooperation with these partner countries gives Norway access to global knowledge and contributes to the implementation of foreign research into a Norwegian context.

Norwegian companies or research institutions with ongoing or recently completed projects (no later than 2014) in the Research Council’s industry-oriented portfolio can apply.

Travel support should cover costs directly associated with travelling and accommodation, in connection with bilateral meetings with the purpose of finding potential partners for future bilateral, industry-oriented projects. Entry fees for seminars, conferences and its like will also be covered by the scheme.

Travel expenses will be covered according to Norwegian government travel regulations. Time or labor costs are not covered and only costs incurred after the travel grant application is submitted can be included. Applications are always accepted.

Read more: Travel support program (Norwegian text).