Left-right: Øyvind Brekkhus Sandåker, Technology Leader at Egde Consulting, Helene Holte, Head of Egde Consultants, and Lars Lohne, Project Manager at Egde provided AI insights during the meeting.

While everybody is talking about artificial intelligence, companies struggle with how to utilize AI to create value.

Understanding AI and how to make use of it, was the topic for a breakfast meeting in Kristiansand this week.

Three representatives of IT consultancy firm Egde provided insights based on their experiences from playing around with AI and utilizing it within their own company.

They quoted the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, which places artificial intelligence at the top right now – meaning its hype is peaking. If AI follows the most common hype cycle for emerging technologies, it will now enter a severe downturn from which it will recover within 2 to 5 years.

The downturn is defined by a common understanding – that it takes longer for AI to make an impact and that it requires a lot from companies and society for AI to have an impact.

“First, companies must be fully digital. Being a digitally created intelligence, AI has no place or value if not placed in a digital environment,” said Lars Lohne, Project Manager at Egde.

Helene Holte, Head of Consultants at Egde.
Øyvind Brekkhus Sandåker, Technology Leader at Egde.