Arnt Aske leads a project aimed at accelerating the digital transformation of SMEs.

A new GCE NODE project aims to develop a tool-box to assist SMEs accelerating the digital transformation through an effective action plan.

“How does digitalization and increased sustainability relate to my company? How can we play a bigger part in our value chain? How can digital transformation increase efficiency and profitability? These are relevant and difficult questions to answer,” says Arnt Aske, Business Development Digitalization at GCE NODE.

Aske is also Project Manager of a newly established project, funded by Sørlandets Kompetansefond, which aims to develop a tool that mesh the different methods and measures a company can utilize to increase productivity and competitiveness in a digital world.

Such methods and measures include:

  • How to utilize a Digital Transformation Canvas to assist companies analyze their current situation and identify potential for a more efficient value chain.
  • How to utilize a Business Model Canvas and Flourishing Business Canvas to assist companies in the transition from a product-based business model to a more sustainable digital business model.
  • How to increase efficiency and reduce cost based on the power of Lean, standardization, system engineering and automation.
  • How to develop action plans for a company’s digital transformation.

“We need to raise awareness of the impact of digitalization and how in presents opportunities that all companies will do well to explore. Still, a lot of companies don’t really know where to start the process. This project aims to help companies initiate and complete a structured and strategic plan, which will result in a more sustainable business model and increased competitive power in established and new markets,” says Aske.

When completed the tool will be made available for all SMEs in the Agder region.

Partners in the GCE NODE project are University of Agder’s Business School, Noroff Education, OCAD University Strategic Innovation Lab in Toronto Ontario (Canada), Mechatronics Innovation Lab, Teknova and GCE NODE companies.