Lecturer and course leader Solfrid Mykland Fjell listening in to discussions among participants at the recent negotiation technique course in Kristiansand.

"I have gained increased insight into the negotiation process, and I believe I have become a better negotiator during this course,” says Morten Dybing, purchaser at HMH.

He was one of 15 representatives from companies in the GCE NODE and Maritime Forum clusters who participated in a negotiation technique course in Kristiansand in May.

Lecturer and course leader was Solfrid Mykland Fjell, a judge with the Land Consolidation Court (Jordskifteretten) and holder of a PhD from the Norwegian School of Economics.

After completing the program, the participants have been given a tool that will enable them to carry out an effective negotiation process in an analytical way, from preparations to signing of agreements. Participants are also able to make assessments of the quality of the agreement and advice others on how negotiations can be carried out.

In conclusion of the 2-day course the participants were asked to evaluate the outcome.

“Maybe the most valuable lesson was to come better prepared. I need a clear understanding of what is important to me and my company, and not navigate on impulse. I have also understood the importance of considering other parameters than price to reach more valuable agreements for both parties,” said one participant.

Other commented: “I gained an understanding for what to do when negotiations get stuck“, “great fun” and “lots of relevant examples and assignments”.

Several negotiations took place during the course.