Representatives from ConocoPhillips, Statoil and the Petroleum Safety Authority will attend a P&A workshop next week. Here is how to book an individual meeting with them.

Business Development Manager Øystein Huglen at ConocoPhillips Norway, Leading Advisor on Plug & Abandonment Steinar Strøm at Statoil, Chief Engineer Gustav Westerlund Dunsæd i PSA (PTil) and former Head of Drilling at Statoil Mads Grinrød are all giving presentations at NODE’s P&A workshop in Kristiansand September 30th.

At the conclusion of the workshop, there is set aside time for individual meetings between Huglen/Strøm and workshop attendees. To book your individual 20 minutes meeting with Huglen, Strøm or any other workshop presenter, please send a request to In your e-mail please state the presenter(s) you would like to meet.

First-come, first-served!

Read more: P&A Workshop (please note that the workshop will be held in Norwegian)