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Join The Explorer, a digital channel for global distribution of Norwegian green and sustainable solutions.

At launch The Explorer is a digital showroom. Over time it will become a global matching service where international companies can find Norwegian solutions to their problems.

Let’s say that the city of São Paulo is upgrading its public transport system and is looking for zero-emission water shuttles.

In Bergen, a cleantech startup is prototyping a small electric ferry. Their CEO has registered their solution in The Explorer. This makes it easy for the public procurement officer in São Paulo to find what she is looking for.

With the help of The Explorer, Norwegian green and sustainable solutions can reach a wider audience.

The Explorer presents a wide variety of workable solutions. These may be small, large, complex, simple, inexpensive or expensive. Some may be available for shipment immediately, others may need further development and adaptation. The need and opportunity for innovation is vast for the foreseeable future.

Register your company and solution in The Explorer. It is simple and free of charge. Write a short presentation of your solution and find your most striking photos or videos. Show the world why your solution is best suited to help tackle pressing global challenges. 

The Explorer’s starting point is a collection of green and sustainable solutions, components, products and systems that address at least one of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

You are invited to take part in this collective effort. Browse the solutions and contact the companies that wake your interest. And don’t forget to check back as The Explorer evolves and improves.