Cameron's award winning chair. Photo: Stian Herdal

Cameron Sense recently received the prestigious Award for Design Excellence for its X-COM Operator Chair.

”It smells like a new car and gives you that Ferrari feeling”, according to the jury which named the winner.

“This means a lot to us. For me as an industrial designer, it is clearly the most prestigious award in Norway”, says Anders Henrik Holm, Project Manager for X-COM, a high-tech operator chair for drilling operations.

Cameron Sense has had an X-COM on the market for years, but released an updated version in 2014. The company decided to further develop the brand as a direct result of feedback from its customers. The new chair has improved ergonomics and functionality and a longer expected lifetime.

“Our goals was not only to create a new and improved chair, it was to create the world’s best chair”, says Holm.

The award was presented to Cameron Sense and partners NorSap and Eker Design by the Norwegian Center for Design and Architecture.

The jury says: “This is a well designed and uncompromising product. All functions and details are thoughtfully created and nothing is left to chance. With a wealth of functions and possible adjustments, the chair is designed to give you goose bumps”.

“The chair is intuitive and easy to understand considering that the processes to be performed are complicated and the machines are difficult to control. With X-COM everything is easy”, says Holm.

He credits the chair’s success to the involvement of many parties in the project.

“All disciplines have been involved throughout the process, not only from Cameron Sense, but also from subcontractors and the producer of the chair. In addition, we received outside design assistance. The X-COM is truly the result of an excellent cooperation”, says Holm.