CEO of GCE NODE Tom Fidjeland (middle) met with OTD Project Manager Torbjørn Olufsen (left) and OTD Senior Sales Manager Leif Roger Torgersen this week.

GCE NODE met with the OTD Energy conference to discuss a GCE NODE pavilion at the exhibition in Stavanger, 20-21 October 2021.

Several NODE-companies have a long tradition of participating at Offshore Technology Days, OTD, an arena tailormade for the offshore supplier industry. This year’s OTD includes a dedicated exhibition hall for offshore wind. GCE NODE believes a joint pavilion will provide NODE-companies with the opportunity to exhibit at a lower cost.

“We are very interested in welcoming GCE NODE and its participating companies to OTD. We would be happy to facilitate a special area in which GCE NODE can showcase its companies, technologies, products and services,” says Torbjørn Olufsen.

Originally from Kristiansand, Olufsen recently signed on as Project Manager for OTD and moved the exhibition and conference from Bergen to Stavanger. Scheduled for October 20 to 21 this year, OTD may fill the void in Stavanger where the larger ONS conference will not resurface before next year.

GCE NODE plans to participate, in some way, at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston (August), Arendalsuka in Arendal (August) and possibly also at OTD in Stavanger (October) and/or Adipec in Abu Dhabi (November).

“It is hard to predict how fast the world will return to some kind of normal, but we are confident that some of the major events in our industries will be arranged in some form, either as physical events of hybrid events,” says Ann Marchioro, Project Manager at GCE NODE.

“OTD could be a good place to finally meet, 18 months after the pandemic hit. We are following up GCE NODE companies interestein us taking an active role in hosting a GCE NODE pavilion at OTD, as we usually do at ONS and OTC,” says Marchioro.

For international conferences and exhibitions, GCE NODE and the Agder delegation has normally preferred to travel to OTC in Houston rather than to Adipec in Abu Dhabi. In 2021, preferences may be different. With OTC in a scheduling conflict with Arendalsuka, and November being almost a year away, Adipec may prove to be a more realistic and interesting choice. Pending interest from its participants, GCE NODE is examining the possibility of arranging an Agder delegation to Abu Dhabi for the Adipec exhibition in combination with World Expo in Dubai.

If you have questions or would like to show an interest in any of these events, please contact Ann Marchioro (T: +47 90 02 18 13).