Noroff has open doors for the business community in Agder and welcomes collaboration to develop tailor-made courses and programs for the region's businesses. Left-right: Ernst Sundt and Erlend Koppen Skar.

Noroff has made it its business to deliver the kind of knowledge and skills your business needs, when it needs it.

“Many companies don’t have the time and resources to send their employees away for months to full-time study programs. We offer tailored courses within digital technology and IT that can be followed while working part- or full-time,” says Erlend Koppen Skar, Director at Noroff Accelerate.

The ambition is to offer a wide range of courses that match the needs of GCE NODE participants. Courses are designed to bring working professionals up to speed in their fields of expertise, providing them with skills to further their careers.

Courses include Front-end development with JavaScript where you learn to create interactive JavaScript websites and applications and Programming with Python, where you are introduced to object-oriented coding and coding principles. Exploring the capabilities of cloud technology through a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Azure fundamentals, is another option. This course includes the AZ-900 certification exam that can be taken at the Noroff campus in Kristiansand.

“Noroff Accelerate is not about credits and degrees. It is about actual skills and employability, focused on meeting the industry’s future needs. A certification documents that you have acquired a specific competence that can qualify you for a position,” says Skar.

The technological development in most digital industries is immense, and the need to stay updated and continuously develop your tech skills is a key to success in most jobs. Noroff Accelerate provides fast paced and hands-on learning that focuses on what you need to know, without spending time on less relevant content, according to Skar.

Noroff offers part- and full-time study programs at all levels, from university to higher vocational education and practical on-demand courses. Based on years at Noroff, Ernst Sundt says Noroff Accelerate has had success with its approach to the business community.

“Noroff is focusing more and more on self-controlled education. People seek specific knowledge when they have time and opportunity to do so. In this field, Noroff Accelerate is hands on. The Noroff family invites NODE companies to propose new course plans that meet their needs. We aim to be the preferred sparring partner for businesses,” says Sundt.

Offshore wind, batteries, data centers, cloud management, and storage are important areas for Agder in the coming years. Sundt says we need to meet the future with new types of knowledge and skills.

“Businesses in Agder need more manpower and expertise in new areas. We really need to develop a regional competence strategy and Noroff is ready to participate,” says Sundt.