Sveinung Jørgensen (left) and Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen from NHH Norwegian School of Economics together with the group of pilot project participants.

GCE NODE’s pilot project for the development of sustainable and profitable business models is underway.

The project kick-started in Kristiansand this week, where 8 representatives from 5 companies attended a 2-day workshop.

Today, business leaders have to deal with profound changes in technology, competence and business models – and in an environment focused on sustainability.

“How do we navigate in this rapidly changing landscape? The project goal is to increase competence on sustainability and environmental issues among executives and technical managers,” says Audun Skare, Project Manager at GCE NODE.

NODE has partnered with NHH Norwegian School of Economics to achieve this goal. NHH scholars Sveinung Jørgensen and Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen are experienced researchers and consultants for Norwegian and international business executives, providing research-based advice on how to design profitable and sustainable business models.

Jørgensen and Pedersen guided the participants through a thorough self-inspection of the respective companies’ business models.

The Innovation Norway funded pilot project resumes next year.

Discussing business models (left-right): Ellen Saltermark (Innovation Norway) and Bjørn Stien (Bestra).
Discussing business models (left-right): Jan Martin Grindheim (MacGregor Norway) and Leif Haukom.
Discussing business models (left-right): Hallgeir Angel (Air Products) and Dag Snemyr (InControl).
Discussing business models (left-right): Preben Guttormsen (Panterra) and Rita Schage (Innovation Norway).