GCE Subsea, GCE Blue Maritime and GCE NODE have kicked off a strategic collaborative project to get a better understanding of the digital growth opportunity. We encourage your participation.

The rapid progress of technologies such as big data and analytics, sensors, and control systems offer the oil and gas companies a chance to automate high-cost, dangerous, or error-prone tasks. It provides an opportunity to restructure the supplier industry, enhance the value chain and increase market footprint.

The aim of the project is to capitalize on the new trends, technologies and strengths of the companies to increase the competitiveness. It is to enable the industry to become more effective and reduce its cost-base.

Strategic GCE collaboration project
Collaboration in the age of a sharing economy is a pivotal part of good business. GCE Subsea, GCE Blue Maritime and GCE NODE recently kicked off a major project for restructuring of the supplier industry within the petroleum sector. We now invite you to join us in accelerating digitalization of Norway.

Together, we will strive to further develop GCE clusters that are in-line with industry trends and are building the capabilities that are required to succeed in the “Industry 4.0” rapidly changing business environment. The project will foster culture for accelerated innovation and effective positioning in the global market place.

The project will deliver
The opportunities are many. Understanding the market dynamics, emerging technologies, new business models and supporting capabilities in a value chain context is a must. Outputs from the GCE collaboration project will:

  • Improve market positioning and competitiveness
  • Improve understanding for emerging technologies and business models
  • Improve understanding of the digital transformation and its impact on value chains and services
  • Improve understanding of rapid prototyping, design for automation and next generation smart sensors
  • Establish recommendations for increased re-shoring and market footprint, including indications of positive employment rates

It happens now!
The project targets partners and members of the three GCE clusters. There is no direct cost associated with participating, however it is expected that the companies contribute with in-kind hours.

We encourage GCE NODE participants to join in. Express your interest by sending an email to arnt@gcenode.no by January 20, 2017.

The project receives funding from Hordaland County Council, as part of a MNOK 20 effort to support restructuring of the supplier industry within the petroleum sector in Southern and Western Norway.