Director of Business Development at Tratec Norcon, Øystein Netland, talked about what digitalization means in practice.

Camera technology is essential as Tratec Norcon provide technology that contributes to the digitizing of Norwegian roads.

“We provide networks, servers, control systems and cameras for surveillance of tunnels. Information from a number of cameras is put into the system, which gives a complete overview of all movements on the road. The cameras can even detect the signs which large trucks are marked with in order to display different kinds of cargo,” explained Øystein Netland, Director of Business Development at Tratec Norcon.

The company, with headquarters in Vennesla, has traditionally served five major markets with its competence within automation and electro; offshore, marine, transportation, industry/energy and technical municipal installations.

Accounting for approximately 60 per cent of total revenues, offshore was the dominant market for Tratec Norcon when the oil price collapsed in 2014. Transferring technology developed for the oil and gas industry to new markets helped the company adapt to changing times.

Netland shared Tratec Norcon’s story at a ‘Digital Transformation’ event in Arendal Monday, co-hosted by GCE NODE and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Other speakers at the event included Ståle Tungesvik (Project Manager of ”Competitive power – A Changing Norwegian Continental Shelf”), Jøran Bøch (CEO at Egde Consulting), Ingrid Schjølberg (Director NTNU Oceans) and Arnt Aske (Business Development Digitalization at GCE NODE).

The event was facilitated by Jan E. Ødegård, Assoc. Vice President, Office of Information Technology & Executive Director, Ken Kennedy Institute at Rice University in Houston.

Ståle Tungesvik.
Jøran Bøch, CEO of Egde Consulting.


Arnt Aske, GCE NODE.


Ingrid Schjølberg, NTNU Ocean.


Anne-Grete Ellingsen, CEO of GCE NODE.