Øivind Sæbø is Business Development Manager at Once (formerly known as Engineering Systems).

Norway’s first industrial hydrogen plant with integrated CO2 capture has received international attention. Software company ONCE was selected to fully digitize the plant.

“We are extremely proud to provide the tools that make this pioneering plant a digital hotspot. This state-of-the-art facility has chosen to be a digital frontrunner based on our input and software,” says Øivind Sæbø, Business Development Manager at Once (formerly known as Engineering Systems).

The client, ZEG (Zero Emission Gas), is a Norwegian company that aims to offer the world a green energy production alternative. At Kollsnes outside Bergen, ZEG utilizes natural gas to produce two streams of output; hydrogen and CO2. Carbon is captured and stored in reservoirs on the Norwegian Continental Shelf – effectively making the production of hydrogen climate neutral.

The facility has received lots of attention, ranging from the EU to technology providers. By enabling use of natural gas in a sustainable manner, the ZEG technology has the potential to be an important contributor to Norway achieving its climate goals.

A smart and modern production process is accompanied by a smart and modern software for a digitized workflow. Software provider Once – a long-standing GCE NODE cluster participant – has enabled ZEG to fully digitize the work process. Via mobile devices and desktops, the entire organization is able to access real-time workflow data – based on the Once slogan: “Access to all data, for everyone, anywhere“.

Kollsnes has a significant history of gas industry. With the establishment of the joint venture company Northern Lights and the government´s Longship project, the site will become Norway’s center for hydrogen production and other climate-friendly establishments.

“We provide easy-to-use, easy-to-find data, and we make it easy for anyone – from the service engineer on site to top management – to contribute in all phases of the project,” says Sæbø.

Once allows for the entire value chain to be digitized.

“So far, ten suppliers of ZEG have been given access to the Once software, to continuously contribute with updated information,” explains Sæbø.

“The best part of Once is that it is always available – either on mobile devices or laptops – and that we all operate within the same system. We all have access to the same, updated data. No more paperwork or delays due to punching of new information into the system. We are always up to speed,” says Bjørn Filip Johannessen, Principal Mechanical Engineer at ZEG Power.

The ZEG H1 production plant, located near the Northern Lights CO2 storage facility, will produce approximately 1 ton of hydrogen per day and aims to provide captured CO2 for permanent subsea storage.

April 18th 2024

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