Left-right: CEO Anne-Grete Ellingsen at GCE NODE, Undersecretary of Labour and Social Affairs Thor Sættem, HR Manager Bjørg Hansen at MH Wirth, Mayor of Kristiansand Harald Furre, Project Manager Ann Marchioro at GCE NODE and CEO Terje Uleberg at On and Offshore Services.

Layoff rules were discussed when Undersecretary of Labour and Social Affairs Thor Sættem and Mayor of Kristiansand Harald Furre visited GCE NODE.

”This was a very useful meeting. I take away a better understanding of the challenges facing the Agder region”, said Sættem after the meeting in Kristiansand March 31.

Anne-Grete Ellingsen, CEO of GCE NODE, gave a presentation of the technology cluster, followed by presentations and input from Terje Uleberg, CEO of On & Offshore Services and Bjørg Hansen, HR Manager at MH Wirth.

Uleberg urged the Government to extend the layoff period for employees – from 30 to 52 weeks.

“We are optimistic that the market will come back later this year. This is why we have decided to use layoffs instead of terminations. We need to have key personnel available when the market returns”, said Uleberg.

Only three days later an extension of the layoff period was introduced by the Government as part of the wage settlements.

GCE NODE has been a strong advocate to change the rules for layoffs.

“We are pleased with a prolonged period for layoffs. This will certainly help some companies in a very difficult time”, says Ellingsen.