A small, but specialized group of people met at Glencore in Kristiansand recently.

Participants from GCE NODE and Eyde Cluster recently met to discuss technology and explore opportunities within the field of seabed minerals.

A “Learn & Lunch” workshop at Glencore in Kristiansand last week saw a highly specialized group of people come together. The emerging industry for mining seabed minerals is expected to grow rapidly in years to come, but as of today the industry is relatively small.

Nevertheless, several GCE NODE companies, such as MacGregor, HMH and Mandals, have already supplied equipment to deep sea mining projects. And the metallurgical industry, represented by Eyde Cluster companies, are of course following the development closely.

“This is an industry that is likely to be very important to Norway and the world. And the possible transfer of competence and technology from oil and gas, is evident,” says Christian von der Ohe, RD&I Manager at GCE NODE.

At the workshop, several companies took the stage and shared information about their own activities. Among these were Loke Minerals, Green Minerals, Adepth Minerals og Seabed Solution.

”Companies in our region have world-class competence within areas that are essential for seabed mining. This was an inspirational workshop,” says von der Ohe.

The Lunch & Learn workshop is part of “Leverandørutviklingsprosjektet”, a joint GCE NODE and Eyde Cluster project, supported by Agder County.

Ståle Monstad, CEO of Green Minerals gave a presentation at the workshop.