Marit Dolmen

Marit Dolmen, RD&I Manager at GCE NODE, will assume the position as Manager of Process Development at Elkem AS Technology.

Dolmen starts her new job on January 1, 2018.

“We are sad to see Marit leave, but we are excited on her behalf. This is an important position in managing corporate level R&D of a global leading industrial company. I consider it a compliment to NODE when people are recruited from our organization to fill such a prominent position,” says Anne-Grete Ellingsen, CEO of GCE NODE.

She continues: “We need more women to take on top management positions in the industry. Marit is a very qualified candidate, who has contributed a lot to NODE’s success in R&D, especially in programs that has engaged cluster companies to enter new business areas where their competence and products can be adapted. Today, several NODE companies participate in offshore renewables and other new business areas onshore and offshore,” says Ellingsen.

Marit Dolmen was hired as GCE NODE’s first RD&I Manager three years ago. She has run a large number of projects and has been instrumental in the progress NODE has made within research, development and innovation.

“I have enjoyed working for NODE. Even though many NODE companies have experienced incredibly rough times lately, we have made good progress in a number of areas. I am especially pleased with the establishment of and involvement in SFI Offshore Mechatronics and Mechatronics Innovation Lab. Projects within material technology, 3D printing, digitalization and robotics, offshore wind, subsea mining, offshore aquaculture and geothermal energy have resulted in increased innovation in NODE companies and in the region, both with national and international partners. Also, being awarded the EU Project Periscope will certainly have an impact on innovation in Blue Growth areas,” says Dolmen.

At Elkem AS Technology, Dolmen will be Manager of Process Development, an R&D department with nearly 20 scientists with a global perspective, supports plants and divisions on five continents. Elkem Technology is a competence center in Elkem for process and material technologies for new processes and products, and is responsible for performing corporate R&D projects, both short-term and long-term.

The position as RD&I Manager at GCE NODE is already announced. Application deadline: November 1st.