Ingunn Ettestøl is newly appointed Director of ESG at Arendals Fossekompani. She is also a Board Member of GCE NODE.

Two women and one man were elected on to the GCE NODE Board at the Annual Meeting Thursday.

Ingunn Ettestøl (Arendals Fossekompani) and Fritz Ekløff (BW Offshore) were elected new Members of the GCE NODE board. They replace Jøran Bøch (Egde Consulting) and Elin Vatne (Boss Industri).

Sunniva Whittaker, newly elected Rector at the University of Agder, will replace Frank Reichert when she starts her term as Rector.

New Deputy Board Members are Mette Harv (TTS) and Lars Erik Lunøe (Telenor Maritime).

This is the full board of GCE NODE for 2019-2020:

  • Høye G. Høyesen (MacGregor Norway, Chairman)
  • Frode Jensen (National Oilwell Varco Norway)
  • Bjørg Hansen (MHWirth)
  • Tom Fidjeland (Cameron Sense)
  • Roy Rødningen (Fenner Mandals)
  • Thor Arne Håverstad (NORCE)
  • Frank Reichert (University of Agder), will be replaced by new Rector Sunniva Whittaker.
  • Ingunn Ettestøl (Arendals Fossekompani)
  • Fritz Ekløff (BW Offshore)

The new board was elected at the GCE NODE Annual Meeting in Kristiansand Thursday.

Jøran Bøch and Elin Vatne received flowers as a token of appreciation of their service on the GCE NODE Board.