Erik Tønnesen, Managing Partner at Skagerak Maturo.

“This is a historic opportunity to make a great investment. So please empty you wallets!” says Erik Tønnesen.

Tønnesen, Managing Partner at investment company Skagerak Maturo, made the appeal at an investor and innovation conference in Grimstad Tuesday. Tønnesen presented plans for a new seed fund, which the Government has allocated MNOK150 for if an equal amount is matched by private investors. The fund will help entrepreneurs in Agder and Telemark through the early stages of the business cycle.

Skagerak Maturo is considered a frontrunner for a June selection of the fund’s management.

Tønnesen presented documentation to back up the claim that this is a great opportunity for investors to put money into start-ups.

“All our numbers show that investments made during times with market disturbances have resulted in excellent return on investments. This also represents an opportunity to build the region, by creating more businesses and jobs”, says Tønnesen.

Oil and gas entrepreneur Bjarne Skeie have already invested in the seed fund and other local investors like Sparebanken Sør, JB Ugland and IOT have shown interest.