Left-right: Jan E. Ødegård, Vibeke Bals Borge Håverstad, Sjur Bratland and Geir Hovland attended Energy Outlook 2017.

More than 125 people attended Energy Outlook 2017 - Capturing Opportunities in Arendal Tuesday. In general, people were veryhappy with the event.

Jan E. Ødegård, Assoc. Vice President Office of Information Technology & Executive Director Ken Kennedy Institute at Rice University in Houston: “I was impressed by how the industry is exploring new uses of existing technology, that is how other industries could benefit from technology and competence originally developed for the oil and gas industry. We got an insight into a variety of technology, which is interesting. I am glad I came!

Vibeke Bals Borge Håverstad, Marketing Manager, Cameron Sense: “Energy Outlook served a mix of interesting and important topics. I found the presentations on Carbon Capture very educational. Much of the content in the oil and gas presentations was familiar to me. This was my first time to Energy Outlook.”

Sjur Bratland, Managing Director Norwegian Energy Partners: “I thought Energy Outlook presented the way politics and technology interact. It seems as though we have the technological solutions, we just need to utilize them in a good way. I have been involved in a number of the topics addressed here today, so I find it very interesting to learn of the progress being made in various fields which are of interest to me.”

Geir Hovland, Professor at the University of Agder: “I applaud GCE NODE for putting together a strong and broad program, which included politics, economy and technology. I have been to Energy Outlook on previous occasions and still remember some of the presentation I have heard here. That is always a good sign.”

Ann Christin Andersen, Managing Director Technip FMC Norway and Chairman of The Federation of Norwegian Industries, Oil and Gas: “This is my first time at Arendalsuka. It is a fun political festival! It was also my first time at Energy Outlook, which I found very inspirational. The topics were highly relevant and interesting. It was as if the world came to us. It served as a reminder of how global everything has become. What happens in the world effects us all. I was happy to meet a lot of interesting people during the breaks and to learn that the supply industry in general, is optimistic and opportunistic.”

Ann Christin Andersen, Managing Director Technip FMC Norway and Chairman of The Federation of Norwegian Industries, Oil and Gas:

November 27th 2020

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