Equinor is eager to meet the supplier industry in Agder to discuss cost-effective solutions for the first floating wind farm in Norway.

Equinor considers building a wind farm, consisting of 11 wind turbines based on Equinor’s floating offshore wind concept, Hywind. The turbines will provide electrical power to the Snorre and Gullfaks platforms in the Tampen area.

Hywind Tampen is the first offshore wind project on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Equinor’s goal is to further develop the technology piloted in the Hywind Scotland project, including significantly cost reductions, and to lower CO2 emissions from the oil and gas fields at Tampen, in compliances with the industry’s Road Map for increased sustainability.

For some time, GCE NODE has argued for financial support for the supplier industry when undertaking the development of equipment and solutions that will contribute to making floating offshore wind profitable. Such development could kick-start a new important export sector, based on expertise from the oil and gas and maritime sectors.

Innovation Norway has now arranged a program that supports companies that have technology that can contribute to lower costs in the installation and operating phase. Given that these technologies are considered to produce relevant cost reductions, companies can apply for project support from Innovation Norway, limited to 47 per cent of the project’s cost.

On June 25, GCE NODE hosts a meeting in Kristiansand, where Equinor will present the most relevant areas for further technology and system development. And Innovation Norway will present the new support schemes established for offshore wind.

Following the meeting, companies can book individual meeting with both Equinor and Innovation Norway.

READ MORE: Full program for the Equinor / Innovation Norway / GCE NODE meeting (please note that this a Norwegian speaking meeting).