(Left-right) Students Elisabeth Bali Li, Marte Tostrup, Tony Kjenner and Morten Arnes at the University of Agder’s stand during ONS in Stavanger.

“I have gotten to know a lot of exciting companies in the oil and gas industry”, says Morten Arnes, one of four students of mechatronics who were at ONS this week.

Arnes and fellow students Tony Kjenner, Marte Tostrup og Elisabeth Bali Li manned the University of Agder’s stand (part of the joint GCE NODE stand) at ONS, one of the world’s largest oil expos.

“It has been inspiring! We have visited a lot of companies to see and learn about their business. It is of course especially interesting to meet companies with products that require competence in mechatronics”, says Tostrup.

“Very educational! We have expanded our networks considerably within a few days”, says Li.

She and Tostrup were hostesses at the joint GCE NODE stand, while Kjenner and Arnes demonstrated two 3D printers, which were a gift from GCE NODE to the university.

“We have printed a number of parts in plastic this week. The intent was not only to showcase 3D printing, but also visualize the strong cooperation between the university and the industry in Agder”, says Kjenner.