GCE NODE and NODE companies are involved in several new blue projects.

The term Blue Growth is frequently used to address the potential in ocean industries like aquaculture, ocean energy, seabed mining and more. NODE companies are looking at ways to utilize existing technology, developed for the oil & gas industry, in new markets.

Norway’s strong traditions within the maritime and oil & gas sectors, combined with the ability to deliver high-quality products and services in accordance with environmental and safety standards, could prove valuable.

“Norwegian offshore-related companies have a technological base that can be applied to various ocean industries. NODE companies are suppliers of offshore cranes, winches, substations for power, cabling, risers, supply- and support vessels, membranes, pumps and drilling equipment that could easily be modified to serve in other industries. We are looking to identify research projects that could elevate our cluster companies to be important players within seabed mining, offshore wind and aquaculture”, says Marit Dolmen, Head of RD&I at GCE NODE.

Aquaculture is one of the world’s fastest growing sectors, currently providing the planet with almost half of the fish consumed. GCE NODE participates in a project run by Lister Nyskaping, which looks at cultivation of seaweed (macroalgae). The project is a cooperation with Ocean Forest, a Leroy Seafood Group /Bellona company.

Seabed mining. Increased demand in emerging economies has led to a supply shortage of several minerals. As a result, mining companies consider the sea as a key source of minerals. It is expected that by 2020, around 5 % of the world’s minerals could come from the ocean floors. MacGregor has been awarded a contract for two subsea knuckle boom cranes to be installed on the world’s first seabed mining vessel. Delivery of the cranes is scheduled for Q1/2017. GCE NODE is involved in two projects: DeSMO and MarMine.

 Ocean energy. Offshore wind is a fast growing market with new business opportunities relevant for offshore tech companies. MacGregor was recently awarded a contract for an anchoring system for Statoil’s Hywind Scotland Pilot Park, consisting of five, 6 MW floating turbines operating in waters exceeding 100m of depth. Both Umoe Mandal and Norsafe are working to build boats able to tackle higher waves for transport of personnel in offshore wind farms. GCE NODE’s Offshore Wind project aims to identify business opportunities for NODE companies.

April 18th 2024

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