Tom Fidjeland will take over as CEO of Umoe Mandal this fall.

CEO of GCE NODE, Tom Fidjeland, has accepted the position of CEO at Umoe Mandal.

“I am sad to leave GCE NODE, but now was the right time for new challenges. My background is more operational, and I am looking forward to joining a specialized engineering and production company with strong traditions and deep domain competence,” says Fidjeland.

Umoe Mandal is a leading supplier of all-composite high-speed craft and advanced composite structures for applications in marine, offshore, onshore, defense and aquaculture industries worldwide. Founded in 1988 as a purpose-built shipyard, specializing in composite fiber reinforced plastic hull materials and advanced components, Umoe Mandal is especially known for building hovercrafts for military use.

In recent years, Umoe Mandal has expanded into commercial crafts, such as high-speed crew and passenger transfer vessels and advanced components for a variety of applications.

“Umoe Mandal is a very exciting company with great people, great technology and great products,” says Fidjeland. He is scheduled to join Umoe Mandal in December, at the latest.

“The board of GCE NODE will immediately initiate the process of recruiting a new CEO. We believe this is an attractive position and we are determined to find a highly qualified individual to further develop our top-level cluster,” says Pål Skogerbø, Chair of the GCE NODE Board of Directors.