The floating wind report was presented in Oslo Monday. Arne Vatnøy (right) at the Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster hands the report over to Amund Vik (Labour Party). Photo: Tom Hansen

The floating offshore wind industry can employ a significant number of people in 2050, according to a new report from Menon Economics.

The report concludes that the floating offshore wind industry can create more than 52,000 jobs before 2050. This corresponds to about 25 percent of the total employment in the oil industry, based on 2019 numbers.

“Norwegian engineers are leading the global field in floating technology. Our experience from the oil and gas industry is a great starting point for entering the floating offshore wind market,” says Rune Klausen, Project Manager for Fremtidens Havvind.

The recent report points to a rapid growth in the global market for floating offshore wind. Norway has been a pioneer in floating technology, and the report shows that floating offshore wind can play a key role in the restructuring of the Norwegian offshore industry.

The Menon report was commissioned by GCE NODE/Fremtidens Havvind, GCE Ocean Technology, Norsk Industri, Norwegian Shipowners’​ Association (Norges Rederiforbund), Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster and Innovation Norway.

Download the full report