Met in Rotterdam (left-right): Sivert Eliassen (Head of Hydrogen, Å Energi), Roger Göthberg (CEO, Nilsson Energy), Kristin Dale (Head of Industrial Development, Å Energi) and Jakob Hovet (Senior Business Developer, Å Energi).

Å Energi has chosen Nilsson Energy as supplier of a production plant for hydrogen at Pikerfoss in Kongsberg municipality.

The pilot plant will be completed in the fall of 2025.

Å Energi found the supplier following a hydrogen expo in Brussels last year, on a trip organized by the Agder H2 network, Business Region Kristiansand and Invest in Agder.

“Being part of the Brussels event put us in contact with players that led us to Nilsson Energy. If we hadn’t travelled to Brussels, we would not have come as far as we have by now,” says Jakob Hovet, Senior Business Developer at Å Energi.

“We met with many companies that could supply parts, but none that supplied a turnkey plant. Eventually we were introduced to Nilsson Energy, with which we now have entered into an agreement, says Sivert Eliassen, Head of Hydrogen at Å Energi.

The agreement was signed just before the parties met at the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam, a hydrogen conference and expo that gathered around 15,000 people from around the world this week.

“We are pleased to have gained the trust from Å Energi. We have built several hydrogen plants in Sweden. This will be our first in Norway,” says Roger Göthberg, CEO of Nilsson Energy.

The fact that Å Energi has taken another step towards realizing its first hydrogen plant was well received in the Norwegian community at the Rotterdam event.

“Å Energi is leading the way in several areas. The group has expertise and ambitions that inspire others,” says Tanja Erichsen, Head of the Agder H2 Network, which brings together hydrogen players in Southern Norway.

“We are fortunate to have an ambitious energy group that is leading the way. Agder is a region with several hydrogen initiatives, and it means a lot that Å Energi succeeds with their hydrogen business,” says Geir Haugum, Head of Business Development and International Relations for the City of Kristiansand.