Frigstad Engineering has been selected as one of the winner for OTC Asia Spotlight on New Technology (SONT) award 2016.

“It is not only an honour to win this SONT award, but also a recognition that Frigstad D90 ultra deepwater semi-submersible rig has the latest, most advanced hardware as well as software technologies in the industry”, says Managing Director Frank Tollefsen.

Two units of the Frigstad D90 are currently under construction at CIMC Raffles shipyard.

“Frigstad Group is committed to provide quality, healthy and safe working environment. Hence, the Frigstad D90 rig design is a new ultra deepwater semi-submersible drilling rig utilizing several ground breaking designs that reduces environmental impact, provides significant time-saving and efficiency features, as well as minimizing down-time and reducing the cost of construction of offshore wells. Last, but not least, it also improves safety for both crews and equipment”, says Tollefsen.