Left-right: Harald Holt (Noroff Education), Arnt Aske (GCE NODE) and Otto Isaksen (Digin) cooperate on ICT Security.

GCE NODE and partners are granted funding for two new projects: 'ICT Security' and 'Environment and Sustainable Business Models'.

Out of a total MNOK 12 given by The Ministry of Local Government and Modernization to build competence in Norwegian businesses, GCE NODE’s projects received one third.

“This is strong signal that we focus on the right things”, says Anne-Grete Ellingsen, CEO of GCE NODE.

In addition, Eyde Cluster was awarded MNOK 1.4 for another project in the Agder region.

“We are very pleased to learn that the Ministry will support these projects that are built around our two strategic pillars; to maintain and increase global competitiveness and to transfer knowledge and technology to new industries”, says Ellingsen.

ICT Security focuses on security in a digital world. As suppliers in a digital value chain, it is vital to be able to document that your products and services are secure. The projects is run by ICT cluster Digin, with GCE NODE and academic institution Noroff as partners.

Environment and Sustainable Business Models is designed to help companies work in a more sustainable way.

“The oil and gas industry has agreed on a very ambitious Road Map for reducing CO2 emissions and deliver more sustainable solutions and services. As suppliers to the industry, we must do our share and be able to document what we are doing”, says Ellingsen.

GCE NODE has already developed Ecotrack, a tool and methodology that helps companies analyze and document how their business influences the environment.

“Increased awareness of environmental costs and eco-friendlier alternatives enable us to design solutions that are better for the environment, better for our customers and better for us. This will help our industry become part of the solution, not part of the problem”, says Ellingsen.