Regional Research Fund Agder and Innovation Norway announce better funding schemes for pre-projects.

As a countermeasure to reduced activity as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, funding for research and development has increased. Pre-projects that have typically been eligible for 50 per cent funding, can now receive 70 per cent public funding.

RFF Agder is open for pre-project applications from companies, consortiums and business clusters located in Agder. Support is limited to a maximum of NOK 300,000 per project. And the project has to include an academic partner. Application deadline: May 1stRead more (Norwegian text)

Innovation Norway also offers support for pre-projects. An academic partner is not required to be eligible for funding from this scheme. Support levels are 70 per cent for small enterprises, 60 per cent for medium enterprises and 50 per cent for large companies.
Read more (Norwegian text)

GCE NODE provides support and advice in order for NODE companies to establish externally funded RD&I projects. Please do not hesitate to contact RD&I Manager Marianne Engvoll to learn how we can contribute.