Oliver Schäfer, President of Solar Power Europe, says the gas and renewable industries must stand together in the fight against coal. Photo: Norwegian Oil and Gas Association

Eleven gas and renewable organizations have joined forces to promote the most reliable and climate-friendly energy solution for Europe.

“When I started as president of Solar Power Europe 15 years ago, I believed in a society with 100 percent renewable energy immediately. I like the idea, but realize it is not practically feasible. We need a partner when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing,” says Oliver Schaefer, President of Solar Power Europe.

He identifies coal as a common enemy.

“Coal has increased its market share over the last 13 years, and account for 80 percent of emissions in the European energy sector,” says Francois Regis Mouton, Chairman of GasNaturally.

The representatives of the two organizations spoke at a lunch meeting organized by Norwegian Oil Industry Association.

“We are very inspired by this partnership between renewable and gas. We should do the same here at home, and look at how we can work together to phase out coal,” says Karl Eirik Schjøtt-Pedersen, CEO of Norwegian Oil Industry Association.

“To achieve our climate targets, we must do several things. We need to use energy more efficiently, relying more on renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions. Gas is an important part of this,” says Schjøtt-Pedersen.