Next week, GCE NODE will give a presentation at Arctic Frontiers, an international arena addressing development in the Arctic.

Annually the conference attracts more than 1000 participants from 25 Arctic and non-arctic countries, representing science, business, politics, and civil society.

Arctic Frontiers Business is an international arena for companies to develop networks, discover new business opportunities, and keep up to date with the latest economic development in the Arctic.

The Arctic is not a museum for polar bears, but a region where 10 per cent of the population in Norway live. Arctic Frontiers Business focuses on investments in the Arctic, business opportunities, technology, prospects for industry in the Barents Sea, seafood innovation and more.

On Arctic Frontiers Business you will meet some of the best business developers and thinkers aiming for knowledge-based growth for the Arctic region.

Anne-Grete Ellingsen, CEO of GCE NODE will give a presentation at Arctic Frontiers Business next week in a session called ‘Business in a low carbon world. Mission impossible?

The session is described like this in the invitation: The Paris Agreement demands that countries, peoples and businesses reduce carbon emissions. What adjustments will be needed to the world’s business procedures and strategies? What opportunities might this create in the north? How might the energy mix be altered to produce greener solutions? What innovative approaches are being pursued by industry to reduce their carbon footprint and the risk of stranded assets? Can renewable energy provide a sound basis for the long-term resilience of northern communities? How may technology and digitalization be a facilitator for low carbon business?