CSUB executive management played host for the GCE NODE Breakfast Meeting in Arendal Monday morning. Left-right: Jon Inge Brattekås (Technology and Market Manager), Eli Bell (VP Production), Anders Holm (CEO), and Bjørn Fossestøl (VP Engineering).

Following the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, GCE NODE Breakfast Meetings have resumed.

Last Friday, On&Offshore Services hosted a meeting in Kristiansand, and on Monday morning, CSUB served breakfast at their new location in Arendal.

20 people representing 14 companies came to network and to learn more about CSUB, a leading EPC supplier of composite products and solutions for the oil and gas, civil and renewable industry.

CSUB products are tailormade to the needs of the client and according to relevant industry standards, based on new and innovative designs from CSUB’s in-house engineering department.

Founded in 2003, CSUB has specialized in making complex load-carrying composite structures in glass fiber reinforced polymer. Today, 240 employees in Norway and Lithuania work primarily within two industry verticals; subsea oil & gas and aquaculture.

“Oil and gas accounts for around 70 per cent of total revenues, and we expect this market to grow somewhat towards 2030. Aquaculture is expected to grow much more, from 25 to 40 per cent of our total revenues,” says Jon Inge Brattekås, Technology and Market Manager at CSUB.

He explained that CSUB’s composite materials have light weight, and mechanical and chemical properties that makes an excellent choice for replacing traditional materials such as steel, aluminum, or concrete.

Brattekås said he is pleased with having the headquarters in Arendal, which also hosts companies such as APL-NOV and MacGregor.

“Having a cluster of oil and gas companies in our immediate surroundings, is a good thing. It makes it easier to recruit people from out of town. When they move to Arendal they already know that the city has more relevant jobs to offer, which is a plus,” says Brattekås.

20 people from 14 companies attended the breakfast meeting at CSUB in Arendal.
Networking during breakfast. Left-right: vestre: Jon Inge Brattekås (CSUB), Torbjørn Rokstad (Vicinay Northern Europe), Jan Kristensen (Hernis Scan Systems), Bjørn Fossestøl (CSUB) and Kasper Sandal (cDynamic).