NIOC Advisor Mohammad Ali Emadi and GCE NODE CEO Anne-Grete Ellingsen at the seminar in Theran earlier this week.

GCE NODE and a few NODE companies are in Iran this week to present competence and technology for Iranian counterparts.

The companies have given presentations in a seminar-based setting with up to 300 people in attendance in the Iranian capital, Theran. Among the attendees were representatives for the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) and small and medium-sized enterprises.

“Our companies come across as highly competent suppliers of hi-tech products and services. The Iranians focus on efficiency, safety and sustainability, which resonates well with our way of thinking,” says Anne-Grete Ellingsen, CEO of GCE NODE.

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The Iranian market is re-opening for European companies after the European Union lifted sanctions against Iran last year. US sanctions are still in effect, which has direct consequences for American-owned companies.

“Contracts and financing are two important issues being addressed here this week. It is extremely important to be able to confirm that the counterpart is not on the “no-go-list”. Furthermore, considering a banking system which is not fully operational due to sanctions, we are glad to have the support of both Export Credit Norway and The Norwegian Export Credit Guarantee Agency (GIEK),” says Ellingsen.

GIEK’s mandate is to promote Norwegian exports, ensure Norwegian value creation and serve as a good financial partner and adviser for Norwegian exporters by issuing guarantees on behalf of the state.

GCE NODE has met with companies that have shown interest in the Norwegian Innovation Cluster Program, which NODE is part of.

“The Iranians are looking to develop the different regions of the country. This plays well into the idea of cooperation in regional business clusters. GCE NODE is here to share competence, experiences and to contribute in any way that we can,” says Ellingsen.

The trip to Iran is organized by Norwegian Energy Partners.


Approximately 300 people attended the Norwegian-Iranian business meetings in Tehran.
GCE NODE in Theran this week: CEO Anne-Grete Ellingsen and Project Manager Bjørn Saltermark.