GCE NODE and industrial cluster iKuben in Møre and Romsdal have agreed to cooperate on robotics, automation and digitalization.

iKuben comprises 35 internationally oriented industrial companies on the Northwestern coast of Norway, with an emphasis within petroleum-related and maritime industries. These companies have invested heavily in joint R&D efforts.

iKuben’s focus of attention is the Industrial internet. The possibility of linking the physical world to the Internet and other computer networks, has major implications for society and the economy.

“We have become familiar with iKuben through projects like Future Robotics and Re-industrialization. Both parties agree that we should cooperate more to increase knowledge within these areas through research, development and innovation. I am sure this cooperation will be beneficial”, says RD&I Manager Marit Dolmen at GCE NODE.

“The overall goal is of course to contribute to the development of both regions – Agder and Møre and Romsdal – and increased value creation for companies in both clusters”, says Dolmen.

GCE NODE has initiated a survey in Agder related to the digitalization of industry. This survey will also be conducted among iKuben participants to compare the two regions.