A series of technology-oriented courses in digitalization and artificial intelligence comes highly recommended from GCE NODE.

“We encourage GCE NODE companies to take a close look at these new courses available from the University of Agder. Courses are short, technical and focused. They can be combined with a full-time position and will provide additional competence valuable for our industry,” says Tom Fidjeland, CEO of GCE NODE.

The University of Agder has developed the courses in cooperation with GCE NODE, Eyde Cluster, Sinpro, iKuben, Digin and Mechatronics Innovation Lab.

The goal is to increase competency within digitalization and artificial intelligence. Each course will earn you 5 credits. All courses can be followed on a stand-alone basis. In other words, it is possible to cherry pick based on your interest.

The six courses are:

  • Introduction to Software Engineering (digital)
  • Data science and Automated Machine Learning (digital)
  • Digitalization and Leadership (digital)
  • Introduction to Machine Learning (digital)
  • Introduction to Robotics (Location: Grimstad)
  • Machine Vision for Autonomous Systems (Location: Grimstad)

Language: Norwegian

Cost: No tuition fee, but you must pay the statutory semester fee currently NOK 740.

Application: Open (first come, first serve)

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