The Research Council of Norway will pay for 50 hours of research for 100 companies that are part of the SkatteFUNN program. First come, first serve!

ICT Researcher Pool is a system that connects businesses and their research needs with relevant scientists. The goal is to make ICT researchers easily available for businesses in the SkatteFUNN portfolio, and to make it easy for researchers to establish ties to companies.

Five of the researchers in the pool are from Teknova: Nabil Belbachir, Tor Inge Waag, Ellen NordgÄrd-Hansen, Egil V. Herland and Espen Oland.

Companies with support from SkatteFUNN may apply. The project must be within the ICT sector or include an essential element of ICT.

Companies that do not have support from SkatteFUNN yet, but has a suitable research project to apply for, must first apply for SkatteFUNN.

ICT Research Pool opened February 1, 2017. It remains open until 100 companies have applied.