Ask for the GCE NODE Guide to Public Funding Schemes, providing you an overview of the most relevant Norwegian and European funding schemes.

The guide lists Norwegian funding schemes

  • Regional funds
  • The Research Council of Norway
  • SkatteFUNN
  • Innovation Norway

And European Union funding schemes

  • EIC Pathfinder
  • EIC Accelerator
  • Fast Track to Innovation
  • European Green Deal
  • Horizon 2020 / Horizon Europe

The guide (in Norwegian only) is exclusive for members and partners of GCE NODE. If you want a copy of the guide, please contact us at

GCE NODE provides support and advice in order for NODE companies to establish externally funded RD&I projects. Please do not hesitate to contact Isabelle-Louise Aabel to learn how we can contribute.

Please look for more useful webinar from GCE NODE in weeks to come: