The Greenstat hydrogen production plant will be built at Fiskå in Kristiansand.

Greenstat makes investment decision for a hydrogen production plant in Kristiansand.

With La Française de l’Energie as the new largest owner, Greenstat has secured access to capital that enables the realization of hydrogen production at Fiskå in Kristiansand. Greenstat has acquired Everfuel’s shares in the project and made a final investment decision to develop a 20MW plant. A long-term land lease agreement has been signed with neighbor Elkem.

The project is strategically located in relation to the ever-growing market for hydrogen. When the plant is put into operation, it will be possible to offer green hydrogen as a carbon-free maritime fuel for traffic along the Norwegian coast and in the North Sea basin.

In addition to the maritime market, hydrogen may be sold to zero-emission vehicles and heavy construction vehicles.

In the near future, Agder Hydrogen Hub AS will finalize the detailed design of the facility as well as complete the sales contracts for compressed hydrogen to maritime customers.

Construction will start in the early autumn of 2024.

Pending market growth and available power, the Kristiansand plant can be expanded by an additional 40 MW.