Students (left-right) Junaid Toor, Andy Cerika, Inger-Merethe Brelin, Elfnesh Fesshaye and Tine Charlotte Rosander Haugsgjerd worked with CEO Tor Berthelsen at KSMV.

The University of Agder invites NODE companies to suggest bachelor and master projects for students to work on.

Project proposals may be within a wide range of disciplines, from onshore / offshore engineering to materials science, planning and more.

“Students typically work in groups of three of four, and each of them is expected to put in at least 550 hours. Although students may not as effective as experienced engineers, we still hope their work can prove useful for the companies involved”, says Dean Michael Rygaard Hansen at the Faculty of Engineering and Science in Grimstad.

Companies that have project proposals do not need to prepare a finished project plan. When students select an available project, it is customary to come together with the company and supervisors to produce a detailed description.

The Faculty invites companies to attend a meeting to learn more about student projects and what is expected by participating companies. The meeting will be held at Campus Grimstad on September 7th at 8:30.

Representatives from Nymo will be present at the meeting to share experiences from student projects. Nymo is one of several NODE companies that have had students work on projects. As a conclusion to the meeting there will be an opportunity for a tour of the University’s Mechatronics Lab.