Pete Miller during the GCE NODE Breakfast Meeting in Kristiansand.

“We will be a very different company in two years. Based on a history of buying companies and growth, we will have grown and expanded,” says Pete Miller.

Miller is the Chairman and CEO of HMH, the Baker Hughes and Akastor company that brought together Baker Hughes’ Subsea Drilling Systems business with Akastor’s wholly owned subsidiary, MHWirth.

At a GCE NODE Breakfast Meeting at the HMH offices in Kristiansand last Wednesday, Miller gave a presentation of the new company that has approximately 2100 employees, of which the majority is in Norway and Kristiansand.

“HMH will deliver a global full-service offshore drilling equipment offering that will provide customers with a broad portfolio of products and services. We will be involved in renewables, but primarily in oil and gas,” says Miller.

He talked about how HMH will contribute to the energy transition by reducing its customer’s carbon footprint. This includes battery packs, regeneration of power and more.

Miller seems very optimistic.

“Our industry had some very difficult years between 2015 and 2017. Things improved in 2018 and 2019 before Covid hit. What we see today, is the same as in 2019. Business is coming back. This bodes well for Norway and the North Sea. We will see growth here,” says Miller.

Eivind Nordal (left), Managing Director of Frontica Engineering, a company wholly owned by HMH, and Eirik Bergsvik, President Equipment & System Solutions at HMH.