Unique half-day seminars in Kristiansand and Arendal look at some of the most important aspects to consider when expanding your business out of Norway.

Experts from the marketing, law and banking sectors, topped off with a local business leader with a proven track record in internationalization sharing experiences. There will also be a short presentation from Select USA regarding their services to businesses.

Please join us in Kristiansand in the morning of November 10th, or in Arendal the same day after lunch.

The event is sponsored by law-firms Kluge and Gardere, DNB and the US Embassy, with the support of Norsk Industri, GCE Node and GCE Subsea and is offered to INTSOK partners free of charge.

Presentations cover:

  • How to sell in the US and other markets in the new global reality
  • How to research your customer’s needs and tailor your value proposition accordingly
  • Banking services and cash management – differences between USA and Nordic markets
  • Key legal considerations when entering the US market
  • Risk identification and mitigation when entering into new markets
  • How the US government through SelectUSA, facilitates investments in the US.

The meetings include a presentation from a company representative. In Kristiansand you will meet Christoffer Jørgenvåg from RedRock and in Arendal you will meet Torbjørn Rokstad from MacGregor.

Limited seating, register now!