One of the work groups at the Digital 21 meeting in Arendal. Left-right: Rune Gauslå Homme (Purity IT), Bernt Inge Øhrn (MIL), Henrik Bruun Gundersen (Urdal Services), Anne-Grete Ellingsen (GCE NODE), Tom Løwehr (Telenor Maritime) and Håkon Utby (Digital Norway).

We are not going digital for the sake of going digital. Digitalization is a way of increasing efficiency, competitiveness and sustainability.

That was one conclusion from two input meetings in Arendal and Kristiansand last Wednesday, where business leaders came together to discuss how businesses view challenges and barriers to digitalization.

20 representatives from companies in GCE NODE and Eyde Cluster and NHO Agder participated in Arendal, and another 30 people participated in Kristiansand.

Both meetings were hosted by GCE NODE on behalf of Digital 21, a project established by the Norwegian government to speed up digitalization. Digital21 will provide advice and recommendations to the government on how to facilitate business development and utilization of new expertise, technology and research to digitize.

The purpose is to create a strategy across industries and competence environments, where key actors support common goals and recommended measures.

Digital 21 arranges ten meetings across Norway to receive input from the industry for the government’s digital strategy.

Left-right: Jade Henrickson (Ctrl Alt Complete), Ingvild Jensen (Q3 Partners and Kim Steinsland (Scanmatic).
Left-right: Trond Moengen (Digital Norway), Trygve Hanssen (Elkem), Erlend Moksnes, Eliann Lilleøygard (Ctrl Alt Complete) and Kamilla Sharma (Innoventus Sør).
Left-right: Bengt Fangholdt (Telenor Maritime), Lars Petter Maltby (Eyde Innovation Lab), Gisle Stavland (Egde Consulting), Jan Ove Urdal (Urdal Services) and Bjørn Saltermark (GCE NODE).