GCE NODE and two other business clusters have developed a series of webinars that addresses how to raise capital for start-ups.

Scheduled for November 3-11, the course consists of eight stand-alone modules, each 45 minutes long. The course is free of charge for GCE NODE participants.

“Finding money is always a challenging task for start-ups. We offer a series of webinars that addresses this topic and suggests paths for raising the necessary capital. I believe that entrepreneurs will find this both interesting and useful,” says Ida Andersen, Finance Manager at GCE NODE.

The course Kapitalstrategi (Capital Strategy) is designed to provide the management, board of directors and owners the competence and knowledge necessary to find, negotiate and select the right capitalization for their company.

Webinar titles include “The search for capital”, “Strategic Communication”, “Crowdfunding” and “Investor Pitch & Entrepreneur Pitch”.

GCE NODE, Solenergiklyngen and Vital infrastruktur arena (VIA) are the three business cluster that have cooperated to produce the course. Participation is free of charge for companies in any of these clusters.

Read more and sign up at www.kapitalstrategi.no