Technological advances create new vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Learn how to protect your business.

The Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) reports more and greater threats than ever before. NSM attributes this to continuous, new and rapidly increasing digital vulnerabilities.

More digital units, processes and services are interconnected and connected to the internet. Outsourcing and close cooperation with other entities represent risk.

According to NSM, it is rare to find companies that promote efficient risk management and respond well to unwanted occurrences.

Five business clusters and partners in the Agder region invite you to a conference on cyber security on October 17 at Fevik Strand Hotel in Grimstad.

Build an understanding for the threats and challenges related to cyber security for the business sector. Businesses will share industry lessons learnt in order for others to be better prepared.

The conference is particularly well suited for top management, board members and operatives.

NB! The conference will mainly be held in the Norwegian language, except for a couple of presentations.

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