Participants at the 3D printing workshop at Elkem Technology in Kristiansand.

3D printing is an increasingly high-tech discipline. Producing components on site is a cost-efficient alternative to storage of spare parts.

During a workshop at Elkem Technology in Kristiansand last week, 16 participants learned more about the technology behind 3D printing and the opportunities it presents. Workshop speakers included representatives of Fieldmade, Mechatronics Innovation Lab (MIL) and Future Materials.

Fieldmade`s core mission is to develop, produce and sell world-leading and fully integrated additive manufacturing solutions for deployed use. Kristin Wille von der Lippe showed many examples of how time-saving it may be to build parts on site and thus avoid having large reserve stocks.

Morten Kollerup Bak from MIL and the University of Agder went through parts of the equipment in the highly advanced Grimstad lab, and focused on the importance of thinking 3D printing throughout the design phase.

Aslaug Hagestad Nag, the new Head of catapult Future Materials, presented herself and the catapult. Within the Norwegian industry, there is a strong desire to initiate additive manufacturing projects. Start-up funds are provided for Future Materials to make it easier to get started. Please contact Future Materials or GCE NODE to take part in 3D printing projects.