Participants at 100Scale last year.

A program designed to help companies develop strategy and network to scale business globally, starts in October. GCE NODE companies are invited to participate.

The 100ScaleUps-program is arranged by GCE Ocean Technology, together with Handelshøyskolen BI in Oslo, MIT in Boston and Vestlandets Innovasjons Selskap.

The purpose of the program is to engage growth and internationalization for Norwegian small and medium sized enterprises that have reached a certain turnover and have established themselves regionally or nationally. The companies must also have products and/or services and expertise with a significant growth potential.

The ambitions may be to grow into new market segments and/or international initiatives within existing or new market segments.

100ScaleUps offers:

  • An impressive learning experience with insights from a world-class faculty, experienced business mentors, investors and peers.
  • A thorough scientific and business-oriented evaluation of your company, business model, strategy and growth potential.
  • Feedback, frameworks and tools to help you achieve rapid growth
  • A program designed to help you create and implement a scaling strategy for internationalization and rapid growth
  • Five days at Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship in Boston with serial entrepreneur Bill Aulet and access to world class mentors.

The 100ScaleUps 2021 is the fourth editon of GCE Ocean Technology’s growth program. It consists of five modules to be held in Bergen and possibly Oslo from mid-October to mid-March. The last module will take place in Boston (digital execution if necessary).

2-3 people from the company’s management must participate throughout the entire program, with a minimum of two people at each gathering.

For more information, please contact Kai Stoltz, Business Development Manager at GCE Ocean Technology.