Høye Høyesen is appointed interim CEO of GCE NODE.

“We are very pleased to announce that Høye Høyesen has accepted the role of interim chief executive of GCE NODE. He is well familiar with the organization and the industry, and he was also available at this time. NODE will now start the search for a permanent CEO,” says Eirik Bergsvik, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GCE NODE.

Høyesen, former CEO of MacGregor Norway, served as Chairman of Board of NODE until he left MacGregor in January and subsequently had to give up his position at NODE, as the board must be comprised of representatives of the participating cluster companies.

“I am happy to continue my relationship with one of the premier clusters in Europe and Norway. I would like to thank my employer, MacGregor, for allowing me to take on this challenge during my resignation period,” says Høyesen.

Former CEO of GCE NODE, Anne Lene Dale, resigned her position two weeks ago, stating personal reasons for the decision.